Riley is an ex-gymnast who competed internationally for Great Britain. His gymnastics background has instilled in him a deep understanding of functional strength training and flexibility exercises.


Former football coach turned fitness enthusiast. Andy brings his passion for the game and love for fitness to every workout. With a background in coaching football, he understands the importance of discipline, teamwork and pushing boundaries to achieve success.

Specialist in Weight loss, strength training and sustainable habits.

Ellie believes in a whole body approach to Personal Training, she will take your goals and work with you to not only improve your level of fitness but to improve your confidence and self worth as well.

Nikki is always happy so your personal training sessions won’t just be effective but fun. 20 years of experience in the fitness industry ensures that she has a wealth of exercises in her portfolio. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE……

As a sports enthusiastic Gabriel is best placed to help with your sports specific needs although he is happy to work with all fitness levels. He is known for hard, varied Personal Training sessions which he always delivers with a smile. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE…..

Sam has gained extensive knowledge of many different forms of exercise over 17 years in the industry and always bring energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE….

June has a passion for nutrition. She often runs the Friday evening Qube class which tends to be quieter than most so its a perfect opportunity to learn news skills and improve on your technique, if you are nervous of the fast paced busy Qube classes this is great place to learn whats involved, come a long and give it a try. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE….

Lana is a Personal Trainer with 20 years experience in the fitness industry her own goals include having a positive impact on your life ensuring that she provides you with the tools to make your fitness improvements permanent. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE….

Pete has a wealth of experience in Strength and Resistance training which he demonstrates regularly in his exciting and challenging Qube classes. The classes are well attended and the attendees love how Pete inspires them to push through mental barriers as they improve their techniques and fitness. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE….

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