Friday 7th June saw the official opening of our new indoor sports facility: The Robin Dyer Centre. Named in honour of outgoing Second Master, Robin Dyer, who has given 33 years of exceptional service to Wellington College. The centre provides a class-leading space for cricket, tennis and, for the first time, a showcase court for netball.


Indoor Tennis Both of our indoor tennis courts are floored with Plexicushion; the same flooring used in the Australian Open. 
4 x Cricket Lanes Our 4 purpose-built cricket lanes are equipped with a cutting edge floor, designed to accurately replicate grass. We also have a selection of the latest Bola machines available to hire.
Indoor Netball Interchangable with tennis, we can additionally accomodate 2 netball courts, including our showcase Lichtenstein court.
In addition, we also offer:
Outdoor Tennis In addition to our 6 floodlit hard courts, the Robin Dyer Centre brings a further 2 courts. These are free to members.


In addition to the facilities listed above, the Robin Dyer Centre also houses a large pull-out seating area and has the capacity to seat 500 additional spectators in addition to the upstairs viewing area. 

Court and Cricket Fees

1 Cricket Lane £25
1 Cricket Lane + Machine £30
1 Cricket Lane + Merlyn Machine £35
4 x Cricket Lanes Price TBC


Netball (charged hourly) £30


Tennis (charged hourly, members only) £18




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