In December 1990, I started teaching Aerobics and Body Conditioning at Wellington Health and Fitness Club. After I’d been teaching classes for a few years, I decided to take my gym qualifications. At this time, we only had a small gym and Personal Training didn’t exist. By the time both of my daughters had started school, I had a little more time to commit to my passion of fitness. I was enjoying working 1-to-1 with members, writing the perfect program and helping them with their training needs.

When the gym moved upstairs, I was encouraged to take my personal training qualification. I was now teaching over 10 Group X classes a week, plus regular gym hours. My number of personal training clients soon started to increase as I got to know more members. I now have regular PT clients, some of which have been with me for years. Since my early twenties, I have enjoyed skiing and golf, both of which I love to talk about. If you need to get ski-fit or hit a golf ball further, or just increase your personal fitness and well being, please come and see me for a session or two. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly, or catch up with me in the gym to chat about your own personal goals.

Specialist Areas:

Nutritional Guidance, TRX Training, Core & Fitball Training, Weight Loss, Resistance Training, Ski Fit Training, Golf Specific


Level 3 Personal Trainer, Exercise to Music, Bellicon, Core stability and Fitball, Exercise for 50+, Step Aerobics, TRX & FST, First Aid


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