As a Fitness Trainer I offer twenty years of experience in a gym environment. I’ve worked with various clients to help them to perform better, learn new exercises, techniques and training methods, those clients had many different goals from weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, heart health or sports performance.

I’m passionate about helping people to find a sustainable way of training and healthy eating habits, it’s important to me that these changes are life long. My own goal is to have a positive impact on life of my clients. I am happy to help with my knowledge, passion and experience so please do not hesitate to contact me directly.







Specialist Areas

Fitness, Strength (Resistance Training including advanced methods), Nutritional Guidance, Core and Stability, Sports Conditioning (Tennis), Endurance (long distance running 10k, 21k)



Sports Academy (Degree in Fitness and Sports of Strength), Level 3 Personal Trainer










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