Welcome to the September edition of the Club’s newsletter. As in the past there are
updates on the current projects as well as general information about the Club.

Membership Price Increase

A delicate and sensitive matter for all of us is the cost-of-living increases both
domestically and commercially. We have for several reasons held off from our
standard 1st August increase, and during this time we have reviewed all the
influences that are impacting us as a business. With this in mind membership
prices will increase by 5% with effect from 1st November this year. The new
prices will be:

Adult Monthly £62 per month
Adult Annual £682 per annum (12 months for the cost of 11)

Junior Monthly £ 41 per month
Junior Annual £ 450 per annum (12 months for the cost of 11)

The intention has been to minimise these increases as much as possible. We
are fortunate that as an organisation our utilities are currently on a fixed price
contract which benefits us for the immediate term. We will of course, going
forward, be subject to whatever the commercial rates are at the time of our
contract renewal.
2023 membership prices will be reviewed next summer and implemented with
effect from 1st August 2023

Free Access to the Indoor Tennis Courts
We are pleased to say that we have been able to make a small number of
courts available during the week. This court availability will now be included in
your membership. The courts will be available from Monday 17th October with
bookings being taken from Monday 10th October. For the interim period we will
take phone and in-person bookings from 10:00 am each morning. The list
below highlights the availability.
Monday 09:00 – 13:00
Wednesday 11:00 – 13:00
Thursday 11:00 – 13:00
Friday 08:00 – 10:00 & 12:00 – 16:00

Refurbished Gym
Our gym project was completed on time, on budget and opened on Monday
29th August. We are delighted with the finished product and equally delighted
with the great feedback we have received to date. There are still one or two
additions to come: Sky TV on the cardio equipment, a front of house reception
area, a Wi-Fi booster and completion of the new consultation room are to be
completed in the coming weeks. The change to Technogym equipment has
been well received and the team are on hand to help, advise and support as
and when required. We have been offering inductions to assist members with
the functionality of the new kit along with the My Wellness app which is a great
tool to help track your workouts and activities away from the Club. Again the
team are here to help. You can book your inductions directly with the team.
If you have yet to pay us a visit in the gym, then please do so.
You can download the My Wellness app HERE.

Personal Training
Now that we are back in our new home you may wish to revisit the option to
take up some personal training sessions, particularly as the run-up to the
festive season is not that far away! We have several great PTs available with
the capacity to take on a limited number of new clients.
A quick early heads up, that the PT session prices will increase in January2023

The current cost of £360 for 11 sessions has not increased for the past ten years.

Outdoor Pool
Well, what a summer that was. Glorious sunshine and deep blue skies
throughout the season. Thank you to everyone who came throughout the two
months and thank you for all your kind words about the various ‘Bay Watch’
lifeguard teams on duty. They loved it…

November Gym Challenge
With the new kit comes new gym challenges! Thanks to everyone who has
been involved in the September Gym Challenge.
The November Gym Challenge is a ‘Skill run challenge’ testing you over 200
metres at pushing a sled.
You can now sign up to all our gym challenges on the My Wellness app HERE.

In recent weeks we have said farewell to a few staff: two have joined various
divisions in the Police Force after completing their university studies and one
for family reasons. We are also seeing several of our casual team members
leaving for various universities around the country in the next few weeks; we
wish them all the best and look forward to them returning in the coming holiday
We also say hello to Katy joining as a Recreational Assistant and Harry and
Marla as Fitness Instructors in the gym.

HM Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022
It was with much sadness that we acknowledged the death of Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II. She gave an immeasurable contribution to our nation and
the Commonwealth.
The Health & Fitness Club was hugely privileged to have been visited by Her
Majesty on several occasions during her reign. A memory that will be forever
Thank you for your 70 years of service and for being such an inspiration to the

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