Over the coming weeks and months and indeed next year there will be an extensive programme of major projects, refurbishment and upgrade works. As many of you will know whilst the Club is in reasonable condition it has now reached an age where it is in need of substantial work to ensure its full compliance with statutory requirements in terms of electrical and plant and machinery.

This newsletter will outline those works as best we know to date and the impact it will have on the Club and its operation. Whilst every effort will be made to minimise disruption it will not be possible to avoid a level interruption to normal service levels.


The work to redecorate and install a new functional training rig will be completed by Saturday. However due to the amount of contractors, equipment on site and the access they require to the gym, The Qube will now re open on Tuesday 27th December, in line with the Gym. We sincerely apologise for the short notice and inconvenience caused.


There is going to be a full refurbishment programme in the gym with a new range of Precor cardio vascular and resistance equipment and a new exciting Milon circuit. Further information about the Milon circuit will follow in due course. As well as the new kit, we will be replacing the flooring, lighting, ceiling and air conditioning as well as a general refresh programme.

The biggest challenge we have faced is the scheduling as there have been a number of factors that have changed numerous times with the various contractors and suppliers. With this in mind the start date for the project is Monday 28th November, (although some of the resistance equipment will start to be broken down on Sunday evening from 18.00 – 21.30).

This date is far sooner than we planned and the unfortunate consequence of this is that we are now quickly shuffling our limited resources to find space for a temporary gym for several weeks. We will be using both squash courts 1 & 2 for the period Monday 28th November – Friday 9th December. There are a few evenings where it is not possible to have both courts due to squash match fixtures. From the 10th December until the 24th December we will operate out of here with our Watt Bikes and Concept 2 Rowers and a range of functional equipment and dumbbells. The gym team will be on hand to deliver additional sessions throughout this period. There will also be access to the Olympic Gym. The current schedule is for the gym to be open and operational from the 27th December. The Milon circuit will be available from 9th January 2017.

We fully appreciate that to lose the facility with a limited backup is extremely unfortunate and we have tried exceptionally hard to avoid this but in order to achieve all the required work (and some of this is essential electrical work which would have involved a full shut down at a future date) this is the best schedule that we can coordinate.


This project is now scheduled for July and August 2017 and is expected to last up to six weeks. The plans for this project will soon be available to view and we have taken into account the various feedback received. At this stage we do not have a full schedule of works. At the appropriate time we will make this available.


There is a project to upgrade the air handling units in these changing rooms to combat the hot and humid conditions that can be generated from the showers. The date is to be confirmed for these works.


There is a significant programme of ‘back of house’ works to be undertaken over the forthcoming sixteen months. This will include heating, lighting and plant works across all areas of the Club. One key piece of work will be to introduce an efficient heating system in the main hall which is currently non-existent. Over the course of the next few months the timetable and implications of the work will be publicised.


The proposal for this new building which will be located on the current three tennis / netball courts is a live project. The College is still finalising the funding. In addition to the indoor facilities two additional outdoor floodlit tennis courts will also be added.

All of the above is planned and scheduled to happen from now and approximately the next eighteen months or so. The new indoor building maybe longer and all the works as always will be subject to changes in timescales. We will of course keep members fully informed as the works come on line.

Can I again apologise for the extremely short notice but there have been a considerable amount of technical issues to overcome before we could announce the closure and the green light to proceed was only received today the 23rd. It is our intention to do a first class refurbishment, one that you as members and us as staff are proud of.

Ian Davis

Commercial Manager


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