We hope that this latest newsletter finds you well. For those of you that have recently attended the Club during the past three weeks it has been lovely to have you all back and we trust you have had an enjoyable visit. The feedback we have received to date has in the main been very positive and was welcomed by all the staff, thank you.

The main purpose of this newsletter is to follow up on our July ‘Reopening newsletter’ which referred to the College’s ‘new shape of the week’ for pupils. We now have the final requirements which are outlined below. Please remember that we believe these are to be relatively short term until next Spring and have been implemented so that the College can operate in a safe and effective manner for all pupils and staff.

These are the key points to note:

  • These new timings start from Tuesday 1st September through to Friday 18th December. These hours will not be applicable during October Half Term holiday which runs from Sunday 18th October – Sunday 1st November.
  • College requirements are for use of the Club between 10:00 & 12:00 every weekday except for Wednesday. (This is in addition to the normal afternoon sports requirements)
  • We are required to build in cleaning times either side of the bookable slots hence slightly adjusted timings.
  • The Gym remains available for use by members during the week between 10:00 & 12:00 except for Friday morning. – (As scheduled on the timetable above.)
  • We will operate classes in both our Studio’s during the week and weekends.
  • The College require use of the gym and pool during the weekday evenings between 21:00 – 21:45, so please note the earlier finishing times for both facilities.
  • There is a slight adjustment to the Saturday afternoon timings with the Club reopening at 16:00
  • On Sunday’s, the Club will now close at 20:00 in line with Saturday.
  • During the week, the Club will close at 22:30 for the foreseeable future.
  • We will review these hours and adjust as and when changes dictate.
  • The Rock Room will remain closed until further notice.

Please also note that the Club will close early on Saturday 5th September at 12:00. This is due to a College requirement for the first weekend back.
Our Summer Bank Holiday opening times for Monday 31st August are 08:00 – 16:00
We fully understand and appreciate that these adjustments to our pre lockdown opening hours is very different and will take a little time in getting used to. Our Club  website at www.wellingtonfitness.co.uk and Club App will show all the details in due course.

The current requirement for booking gym and pool slots will remain in force until further government and national sporting bodies issue changes to their guidance and procedures. We will also operate with reduced capacities for group exercise classes and restrictions on squash courts.

Fives café will remain as a café for the duration of August and September open between 07:00 & 14:00. The situation will be reviewed during September.

The current scheme will remain in place until October as originally stated for both monthly and annual memberships.

If you wish to suspend your membership can you, please email us no later than Tuesday 1st September so that we have adequate administration time to make the necessary adjustments. Please send your email to memberships@wellingtonfitness.co.uk

Group Exercise & Pool Timetables
The September – December timetables will be available online from Friday 21st August. Class and pool capacities will remain limited due to the necessary social distancing requirements.
As in previous years, there will be College gym inductions for all new pupils in the first few weeks of September which will be scheduled in College time but may occasionally overlap into members time. If this is the position, then we will provide as much notice as possible.
We will be liaising directly with members of your Club.
All the staff acknowledge that these are significant changes from when we closed in March. The ongoing impact of COVID 19 has reached into all aspects of our daily lives and adjusting to these new ‘norms’ is interesting and challenging to us all. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and valued by us all here at the Club.
Your faithfully,
Ian Davis
Commercial Manager.
19th August 2020


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