It is the indoor training bicycle! The Wattbike was created in 2008 with British Cycling to provide an affordable indoor bike for training and testing that is suitable for everyone from school children to Olympic Gold Medallists.

The main difference between the Wattbike and every other indoor bike is that the Wattbike accurately measures power output in Watts. Within seconds we can be accurately measuring your power output, your pedalling technique and heart rate.

Like most turbo trainers it offers variable resistance, in this case using air and magnetic resistance, which you can change during sessions. But it also measures just about everything you could ever want to know about your cycling, including average and peak power, cadence and average cadence, energy expended, distance covered, left leg vs right leg, heart rate – when linked with a compatible heart rate monitor – and much, much more.

Once you’ve completed a training session you can download this information onto your computer for you or your coach to accurately monitor and assess your progress.

We have two future Watt Bike Sessions at 11am Saturday 28th June and 11am 30th July. To book your place please email or ask for more details when you are next at the club.

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