Please find attached the application form for your ‘Squash Bubble’. We now require you to complete following these guidelines:

    1. Decide who will be in your squash bubble.
    2. Designated a squash bubble leader.
    3. No more than 6 per bubble, but does not need to be as many as 6.
    4. You squash bubble leader will complete the form but you are all required to sign it in person.
    5. By signing this form you are signing up to the conditions outlined on the document.
    6. Return and complete the application form to Steve Meads or leave at Reception. If sent in electronically please bring or send in the original copy for our records.
    7. Steve will authorise and will send confirmation to the squash bubble leader.
    8. The introduction of this system will commence from 06:30 on Monday 14th September.
    9. All initial responses need to be returned to Steve by 17:00 Saturday 12th September.
    10. Steve will process all other applications as and when they arrive.
    11. Any queries please email or speak to Steve directly.