Here at Wellington Health and Fitness Club, we value nothing more than the satisfaction you feel as a member of our club. Therefore, we pose to increase this level of two-way communication we have with you, by introducing a weekly roundup article published on our website, which still aims to provide the high level of guidance, advice and description seen in our monthly newsletters, but this time including some more lighthearted and casual updates and information.

In return, we invite suggestions into areas you would like to know more about, and we will do our best to inform you of the relevant information. In achieving this, we feel everyone’s experience will be improved, and as mentioned, that is our foremost goal here and Wellington Health and Fitness Club.

Club Updates

We have updated our cancellation policy to require you to let us know of your unavailability at least 24 hours before the start time of your gym/swim session or class. This is to ensure that we are able to contact the members who are placed on the waiting list. On some occasions, our receptionists have arrived at 6:30am to see people have cancelled off the early sessions and are unable to fill these spaces in time. By changing the cancellation policy, we will be able to increase our chances of operating at 100% capacity, which is of course where we want to be. If there is a waiting list for your session and you do not inform us of your absence, you will be charged a £5 no show fee.

We also asked that from Monday 13th October, all members to wear a face covering while moving around the club, until they reach the location of their activity. In order to set a precedent, and to act in the best interest of member safety, we as staff will also now abide by the same rules. This is another way that we together can make our environment as safe as possible for all users of the facility.

The College will be on half term from Sunday 18th October, through to Sunday 1st November. During this time, there will be no afternoon restrictions, therefore all College times will be filled with sessions available to members.

Covid-19 Updates

With regard to the new 3 tier system imposed by the government recently, as things stand, we are placed in the lower tier, described as Medium risk. This means nothing will change at present for us here, thus we are able to continue operating as we are, with the current safety measures in place. If things are to change, we will inform you as fast as we can, with the best advice we have available to us.

…Now let’s get onto to some more light-hearted topics…

Outstanding Achievements

Last week, we were pleased to celebrate the 20 years of service provided by Paula Pocock. From originally starting off working in the gym, to then progressing to gym manager, 2 decades on you can find her behind reception greeting customers with a welcoming smile and a bright hello. Thank you for work over the last 20 years Paula, here’s to 20 more.

Around the Club

Logan and Shan returned to the 5’s Bar last week as it reopened in the evenings to members between 6-9.30pm. The main changes within the Bar being that all alcoholic orders must be provided through table service, a mask must be worn until seated, and all alcoholic beverages are bottled instead of draught.

On Wednesday, Chris Clarkson, one of our full-time gym staff, passed his Personal Training Qualification. A huge congratulations to Chris, as this is a great achievement. Through combining his youthfulness, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, we have no doubt Chris will be able to aid you in achieving your personal fitness goals. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Chris for any further information.

A few of our staff members now feature in a 5 aside team set up by James Carter, one of our full-time staff members. Under the team name ‘Welly Boots’, the lads take to action every Monday night on our home turf, as they battle the elements in what is very fast paced, competitive fixture. This week, they drew 3-3 in a game which they deserved to win. They certainly had enough chances to score, but unfortunately failed to convert enough of them to see them go home with the 3 points. Next week they look to build on their performance.

Real Tennis

It has been a busy week over in real tennis. Friday Night Pennant made a return, with ‘the Tinkerbells’ proving their capabilities, showing the junior team of Willem, Cesca and Ross how it is done, despite putting up a great fight.

Also, on the weekend was the Davis Cup parent-child competition, in which the Juniors stole the show. The main event saw the Eld’s, Watson’s and Nottingham’s battle it out for the title and with a rolling handicap, all but one game went to 6/5! The final involved a matchup between Clive and Edwin Watson, and Ed and Algie Nottingham. The match was nip and tuck all the way, and when it was next point wins, the Watsons emerged as victors. In the afternoon however, and the second parent-child competition of the day got under way, and the Nottingham’s managed to reverse their fortunes and take the win in a best of three thriller, against Andrew and Poppy Hind.

Below you can see some of the footage of the days events, as filmed and edited by our Real Tennis professional, Danny Jones. It is great to see the young lads giving their fathers a run for their money!

You can also watch a behind the scenes video of Danny Jones making a Real Tennis ball. If you didn’t know, every single Real Tennis ball is made by hand, in a process which has changed very little since the 15th century, and not at all since the 18th.

Members Zone

Members Feedback

That’s it for this week. Thank you for reading, we hope you found the article interesting, with the right balance between important and lighthearted updates. We would love to hear from you, and answer any questions you have. Feel free to get in touch, and anything we feel would be useful for everyone to hear about, we will address in next week’s article. Alternatively, we will contact you directly in response to your query.

Lastly, we would love to have a section designated to supporting our members achievements. So, if you know of anyone who you feel deserves a mention, or is participating in a charitable activity, or something similar which we can support, please let us know so we can feature that too.

From everyone here and Wellington Health and Fitness Club, thank you for reading, see you soon, and we hope to catch you again next week.

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