Hello and welcome back to this week’s Wellington Round-Up. Yesterday marked the end of our first week of live Zoom classes. We hoped you managed to tune in to a few and enjoyed watching them as much as we enjoyed making them. If you were unable to tune in live, we encourage you to take a look at the On-Demand page on our website as all classes were recorded and will be posted here for you to watch at a time that best suits you.

As we mentioned in the last blog, for each week of this second lockdown, we will have a slightly different online Zoom timetable. Please see below the latest timetable for the week commencing 16th November. We will continue to upload all Zoom classes on the On-Demand page, meaning there will be a library of classes at your disposal to keep you fit and healthy through this lockdown.

In similar fashion to a lot of our members, our staff here are doing what they can to stay fit and healthy over lockdown without the use of a gym, swimming pool or classes. Some of our staff have taken inspiring fitness journeys over the years, making themselves the person they are today, with certain goals and aspirations going forward. This week we are featuring the journey taken by our Operations Manager, Gaby Moretti-Chambers. Gaby (pictured below) will be a familiar face to a lot you, as she has been with us for 17 years… 18 years in January. Below Gaby puts her fitness journey into her own words to share with you, which we all hope you find both fascinating and motivational.

“My fitness journey started from a very young age, I remember doing Jane Fonder workouts with my mum in the lounge on a Betamax video player. I always loved Tennis and finally managed to persuade my mum to get me lessons and join a Tennis club. From there I went into the leisure industry straight from school and never looked back; lifeguarding, helping with tennis camps and qualifying as a fitness instructor. Over the years I spent a lot of time working out in gyms, as well as on the Tennis court and doing martial arts. With my fitness knowledge I have always trained at home, just like my mum and Jane Fonder taught me.”

“With working, singing and volunteering for the Ambulance service, working out was sadly put on the back burners and became very fragmented for a while; I was only really doing 1 Pilates class a week with Pat then Gabriel.”

“In February 2020, I hit a low point. I was really struggling with my parents getting older. I spoke to a counsellor over the phone who recommended a mood diary. I did this for 1 day then I saw an offer with my blue light card for online fitness workouts. I know this was what I needed to get me feeling positive again. So, the first goal on this fitness journey was to improve my mental health. I soon became a very big fan of Body Combat, but I was struggling with a shoulder injury I have had for years. Through various physio exercises, goal number 2 became to fix the shoulder.”

“I had also done some Grit classes at Wellington which I really enjoyed. As a result, GRIT and a dance workout called Sh’bam joined Body Combat in my weekly workouts. I was starting to get really fit and really into my workouts again.”

“By the end of the summer I could start to see really good results, but I wanted more. I spoke to an old friend Charlie who helped me look at my training and what I wanted to achieve. I wanted more muscle, and this was her thing, so I increased my calorific intake by 300cals to 2200cals a day and introduced weights sessions into my weekly routine, which is as follows:

Monday – Body Pump in the morning, chest and triceps weights in the evening

Tuesday – Sh’bam and leg weights (I have to admit I quite often don’t do the leg weights because other workouts I do are heavy on squats and lunges)

Wednesday – Body Combat

Thursday – Grit and shoulder weights (currently physio exercises 3 days a week)

Friday – Body Balance

Saturday – Body Attack (this is like aerobics on amphetamines) and Back and Bicep Weights

Sunday – Rest

“Last Friday we did a weigh in and I had only put on 0.5kg in 6 weeks, so my calorie intake is going up again as my 4th goal would have to be to gain more muscle. I really enjoy exercising and eating so it’s a win win situation. With the latest lockdown my weekly routine is going to have to change slightly as I don’t have access to equipment like weights etc from home, but I know most of us are in the same boat. I am going to be swapping out my Sh’bam workouts for Ingrida’s dance fitness from the On-Demand section of the website and I can’t wait.”

“Although I can do a lot of exercise from home, I can’t wait to add the gym back to my routine when things open up again. My future goals would be to fix my shoulder, become a Body Combat instructor and possible a Body Balance instructor, and to be the fittest recruit ever into the Invincibles in 2023 :)”

Thank you all for reading again. As always, please leave us any comments, questions or feedback below. If you want to tell us something but don’t want it to be publicly visible on the blog, just let us know in the comment and we won’t publish it and reply to you privately.

We hope you enjoy week 2 of this lockdown, and manage to stay active. See you next week.




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