Following the Government’s instruction for a second lock-down to commence, we have re-instated our ‘On Demand’ workouts as requested. Since reopening, we have invested in some stronger recording equipment and will therefore continue to provide workouts both on Zoom as well as on-demand! Stay posted and be sure to check out The Wellington Round-Up for regular updates from the Team! Stay safe and keep well!

Disclaimer: Whilst exercise is an excellent tool for managing health and well-being, no information presented in the following videos should be taken as medical or professional health care advice. Please consult a Doctor or Medical Professional if you are unsure whether the following exercises are suitable for you.

Video Workouts

Gabriel’s Yoga Somatics – New!
Mark’s Indoor Cycling #1
Les Mills Body Balance Mix 2020
Ellie’s Resistance Bands #2
Les Mills – CXWork
Les Mills – Body Pump
Claire – Pilates #3
Ellie – Resistance Bands #1
Eileen – Body Pump #2
Ingrida – Dance Fitness #2
Ellie – Body Pump #1
Mark – Tabata Spin #1
Mark – Tabata Spin #2
Ellie – Rebounding #1
Claire – Pilates 1
Ingrida’s Workout
Ingrida’s Zoom Class (Recorded)
Gabriel’s Floor Workouts
Fitball with Nikki
Gabriel’s Workout 1
Mark’s Boxing Workout
Ingrida’s Stair Workout
Nikki’s Home Workout

Les Mills BodyCombat 80 – New!
Ingrida’s LBT #1
Les Mills CXWORK
Les Mills – Barre
Les Mills – BodyBalance
Claire – Pilates #4
Sam – Aerobics #1
Ingrida – Dance Fitness #3
Mark – Kettlebells #1
Eileen – Body Pump #1
Gabriel – Pilates #1
Ingrida – Strength and Conditioning #1
Ingrida – Dance Fitness #1 – New!
Claire – Pilates 2
Ellie’s 50 min Body Pump class
Ingrida Dances with Members!
Gabriel’s Workout 2
Ellie’s Resistance Band Workout
Ingrida’s Water Bottle Workout
Ingrida’s Full Body Workout #2
Full Body Toning with Ellie
8 x 2 Workout with Ingrida