We have received a significant amount of feedback about changing the Club App booking time from midnight to 10 pm. We held off making this change as we were waiting for an update from Gladstone so that the change could hopefully be applied to both group exercise classes and court bookings. The position currently is that the Mobile Pro App changes will only effect the group exercise class bookings. Due to the wait and the level of feedback received we will change the timing to 10pm with effect from Friday 8th March. Given the ‘fun and excitement’ experienced when previously making changes the intention is to go live at a weekend to minimise any impact if there is a ‘technical’ error! Therefore, on Friday 8th March from 10pm, you will be able to book for Saturday 16th March. Unfortunately, court bookings will not be affected at this time and booking for these facilities will remain at midnight. At the moment there is no update as to when it will be possible to implement bringing this in line with class bookings.


As most of our classes and peak time courts are fully subscribed and often hold extensive waiting lists, it is imperative that you provide us with enough time to fill the vacancy, should you need to cancel your class or court. Clause 12 in our terms and conditions which can be found on our website at the bottom of the Home Page outlines the Club’s position on this matter.


In addition to the above can members attending classes please extend the courtesy of waiting until the previous class has finished and participants have started to leave before entering the studio. On several recent occasions this has not been the case and is leading to complaints from other members. A new class timetable is being structured for April and will allow time for changeovers etc.


We have and still are recruiting new instructors in different disciplines. A few of our new cover instructors will be teaching in the coming weeks.


This along with class booking times generates the most feedback. We are acutely aware of the issues we all face, both members and staff. The situation is under review with the College and several schemes are being proposed. It is however a wait and see situation to establish what can be done to alleviate the problem.


The Club is still operating a waiting list for new members to help with the class booking and car parking issues. We are only taking on a limited number of members to replace those we are losing on a monthly basis, with the intention of reducing as best we can the situation with car parking and class bookings. As a result, we now have fewer members than we have had for several years.


The hand over date is set for Tuesday April 23rd and we expect to be operating from Monday 29th April. We are now looking at the programming of the facility for the three activities. It has been specifically built for cricket, netball and tennis and we will provide information in the coming weeks of its availability. We will be organising some ‘Hard Hat’ tours in the next month or so for any interested members to view the facility.


Many of you will have received our Net Promotor Score email over the years. It is an exceptionally useful tool for us to gauge our performance both good and bad. We understand that we all receive far too many emails of a similar nature asking for this kind of feedback, but we would really appreciate that you spend just a few minutes pinging us a response as your feedback is invaluable – Thank you

Ian Davis
Commercial Manager

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