Thanks to June Wilson for providing this recipe


One banana, soft is better

Two eggs

A teaspoon or two according to taste of vanilla extract. 

Avoid vanilla essence the extract is the natural product.
Step One

Using a fork mash up the banana into a pulp

Step Two

Beat the eggs stir in the banana mash and the vanila extract.

Step Three

In a griddle pan or frying pan add some coconut oil and heat

Step Four

Add the batter, close the lid if you have one.  allow the batter to cook,  before turning over wait for the surface of the pancakes to start to dry.

Step Five

Two have been turned the middle is just about to be turned.

Step Six

The pancakes can be served with a variety of things, here the pancakes have been served with.

Lactose free Coconut yoghurt

Blueberries which have been heated to release the juices.

If you need to include sugar use some good quality maple syrup.