1.1                You must comply with our staff’s instructions at all times

1.2                You must follow all guidance and instructions displayed on or in respect of any Club equipment or otherwise in our facilities, as updated from time to time. 

1.3                Access to the Club: You must:

(a)                 not access the Club if you are required to self-isolate in accordance with government guidance:

(b)                 book gym sessions, pool sessions and classes in advance.  You will not be allowed to access the Club unless you have booked one of these sessions. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled session and leave promptly afterwards.

1.4                Hygiene & social distancing: You must:

(a)       wash your hands or use hand sanitiser upon arrival and at intervals throughout your session;

(b)       wipe down all equipment after use using the cleaning equipment provided; 

(c)       adhere to any one way systems marked out in the Club;

(d)       use the designated entrances and exits;

(e)       not use any equipment, kit or facilities marked as being out of use.  We have had to decommission certain pieces of equipment, kit or facilities in order  to make the Club as safe as possible for all of those using it;

(f)        respect general social distancing practises when using the Club and the facilitiesl

(g)       pay by card wherever possible;

(h)       ensure that your contact address, phone number and email address are up to date.

1.5                Personal belongings: please bring as few items as possible.  In particular, please note:

(a)       locker use is temporarily suspended;

(b)       no bags or holdalls will be allowed in the gym area;

(c)       use of hand towels is not permitted;

(d)       personal water bottles can be used but cannot be re-filled as the water fountains have been disabled;

(e)       although mats are provided, we encourage members to bring their own if they have one.

1.6                Changing rooms: changing rooms are temporarily out of action so please arrive using the correct kit for your session.

1.7                Handwashing facilities and toilets: handwashing facilities and toilets are available.  Toilet cubicles should not be used as changing rooms. 

1.8                Supervision of children: all children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.  If a child is using the pool area, one adult must accompany each child under the age of 13.

1.9                If you develop any Coronavirus symptoms whilst in the Club: you must end your session immediately and inform a member of staff taking care whilst doing so to stay at least 2m away from that member of staff and anyone else within the Club.  The member of staff will advise you of the procedure to follow. 

1.10              If you develop any Coronavirus symptoms within 14 days of visiting the Club: please inform us promptly of  this using the email address memberships@wellingtonhealthandfitness.co.uk. We encourage members to participate in the NHS Test and Trace system where required.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration