Welcome back to the second Wellington Round-up. We’ve been delighted to see that over 700 people viewed our first blog, so a big thanks goes out to everyone, and for returning again to read this one. We appreciate you bearing with us as we find our feet with these weekly round-ups. We are striving hard to find the right balance between important information and interesting light-hearted features. As always, please feel free to leave any comments or questions at the bottom of the page, and we will attempt to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Club Closure 

Due to the latest government announcement, we will sadly be closing our doors to our members once again from Thursday 5th November. At this moment, we do not have much more information to give you, other than we will be closed until at least 2nd December. All announcements will be made to you as and when decided upon. 

For those of you on a monthly membership with us, please do not cancel your direct debit with your bank. We will not be processing our direct debit run during this period. This will ensure restarting your membership will be quicker and easy when we re-open again. Any further questions, please comment below. 

Fear not, you will continue to be able to see some familiar faces on our Members Hub, which we will aim to continue to update over the coming weeks. We are already in the planning stage so hopefully we will be able to get this out to you as soon as possible. We can confirm however that some form of either Live Zoom classes or pre recorded classes will be available. All announcements regarding this will be made on via our socials media platforms, the App and future blogs on this page. 

Around the Club

As we are sure you are aware, the College have been away on half term since Sunday 18th October, and as a result of their absence we have been able to provide you with more bookable slots. Over the 2 week of half term, an additional 74 bookable pool slots were added to the timetable. That equates to 592 extra individual spaces. In the gym, we were able to add an extra 36 bookable gym slots to the timetable, equating to 540 extra individual spaces. We hope you have been able to make use of the extra sessions, as we have loved seeing more of you over the past fortnight.

Sports Hall Maintenance

Some of you may have noticed that the sports hall was out of action last week. This was due to some maintenance taking place to the heating system, so as we begin to enter the colder months, we can keep you all warm while you take part in various activities within the sports hall. Some repairs were also made to the floor, with areas being relayed and repainted, all to provide you with a greater experience.

Welly Boots 5 aside

Once again some of our staff members took to the pitch once more in their weekly Monday night 5 aside league. After a stellar display, the lads got back to winning ways putting 5 past their opposition. Some of the goals came from 2 of our full timers James Carter and Alex Clayton.

Picture below is a photo of the lads. Staff members include James Carter, Alex Clayton, Chris Clarkson, Tom Ball and Owain Beacham.

Marks 100 Hundred club

Since our reopening, Mark Smith, a relic of the Wellington Health and Fitness Club community, has continued as the forefront of his 100 club. The club was established back in October 2017 by Mark and two other members, who strangely enough all weighed over 100kg. The initial aim was to create a fun and supportive environment in which members weigh in and try and achieve their weight loss goals. The group has grown and evolved since its formation – it has now developed into a Tuesday morning ritual for 5-8 members. The weigh in takes place after Tabata spinning in Studio 1, instructed by Mark himself. Progress is of course tracked and evaluated, but the main aim is to make each other accountable for one another. The 100 club is a free which is offered to any and all like-minded members – anyone is welcome who would like to join. If you are interested in joining or would like some more information, feel free to comment below or email Mark at ms@wellingtonfitness.co.uk. Below is photo of the founding members, Darren, Neal, Mark, Mark and Gary (left to right).


We are aware that as we close again, you may have lots of questions regarding memberships, online classes etc. If you do, we strongly encourage you to leave any questions or feedback you may have below. We will get back to you as promptly as possible in the correct means. 

We also encourage you to let us know of any success stories which you or someone you know may have achieved either within or outside the Wellington Community. We would love to feature it here in our weekly round-up blog. We feel this is especially important as we spend more time in our homes, as it will help us to continue the sense of community we have around the club. 

From everyone here at Wellington Health and Fitness Club, we will miss you all thoroughly and we will be counting down the days until we can welcome you into the club again.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to check back here each week as we will be using this space to keep you all in the loop over the next month or so. 




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