Despite finding ourselves in unchanged circumstances, we still have plenty to talk to you about in this week’s edition of the Wellington Round-Up

Zoom Class Round-Up

Last week we continued providing you with our Live ‘WFH’ Zoom Classes. Our instructors loved putting this on for you, and the number of attendees suggests you guys did too. Between Monday – Friday, we counted over 250 faces in the 15 classes we provided. It was great to see so many, and we’re glad we can you give you an active respite from the gloom of the current situation. The timetable for next week’s Zoom Group Exercise Timetable will be the same and can be found on the website via the following link.

As always, if you are unable to attend these classes, or just fancy doing a few more, check out the ‘On Demand’ page on the website. We have a variety of pre-recorded videos, as well as 4 Les Mills workouts, which you can take part in whenever suits you.

Good News Story

For those of you who follow our social media channel, you may have seen a little story on one of our members who recently turned 90 years young. Robbie Robertson has been a member for nearly 30 years, and as we couldn’t celebrate in the club as we normally would, Lorrain paid him a social distanced doorstep visit, to drop off a few goodies. Robbie and his wife Yvonne were touched by the visit and sent us a lovely email. Robbie had the following to say:

Dear Lorraine and all the staff at the gym,
I have been fortunate to have lived an interesting life as a pilot which Yvonne always described as “far better than working”.
I certainly never expected to live this long. I put my long-term survival down to the hours I spent in the gym in the nearly 30 years since I first joined in April 1991. I had undergone a triple heart bypass six months before then and went to rehab. But knew I would not be motivated to continue exercising at home. So, I signed up at Wellington.
Over the years, successive instructors kept me going, with specially designed workouts which enabled me to ski every year until I was 84. As I told an old friend – I have been going downhill ever since.
Visiting the gym has always been an enjoyable experience which I have missed very much while we have all endured these Lockdowns. Let’s hope it won’t be too long before our world can return to some sort of normality.
In the meantime, many thanks for remembering my birthday and every good wish to you all.

Top Tips for Lockdown

We know many people may be struggling with the current climate and may feel like they are stuck in an endless loop. We have got a few tips which we think can help you to get the most out of your days. But of course, everyone is different and you need to find out what is best for you.

Tip 1: Regular exercise

  • We wouldn’t be a great Health and Fitness Club if we didn’t say this but try and exercise regularly. Even if it just a 20-minute walk up and down the road.
  • This is super important for both keeping our bodies and minds healthy. It helps to alleviate stress and release serotine, the happy hormone.
  • Exercise also helps us to sleep better at night which lots of people find themselves struggling with at the moment.

Tip 2: Set a routine

  • Try to get up and go to bed at a similar time each day.
  • If you are working from home, schedule in breaks. Don’t look at the same 4 walls for 8 hours straight.

Tip 3: Stay Connected

  • We are lucky to live in a time where the world has never been better connected.
  • Pick up the phone and give a friend a call, or organise a Zoom for a gossip or quiz with some friends and family.

Tip 4: Switch Off

  • Find something on the tele you can sink your teeth into. There are now countless streaming platforms as well as cable TV, with a boat load of content you can enjoy.
  • Pick up a book or turn on a Podcast. There are lots of ways you can switch off from the world around you, just find one that suits you.

Tip 5: Remember, we will get through this

  • While it may feel like we have been at home forever, just remember this will come to end eventually, and we can get back to our old habits.
  • Stay home when possible and if you have to venture out, wear a mask and keep your distance from one another.

Thank you for reading once again, we hope you enjoyed what Robbie had to say, and that one or two of our tips may be use to you. Please leave any comments or queries below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy your week and stay safe.



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