Couch to 5k

Week 1

Running is tough, between struggling to find the time to work, entertain the kids and all of life’s other commitments, making it difficult to give running and you, the time it deserves. However, running can help both control stress & anxiety and boost the bodies ability to deal with mental tension, making you feel better overall. Read More

Week 2

The most common problem new runners encounter is pace. When we start running it’s very easy to begin at a pace that is much too fast. Take your time to start slow and gradually build up. As you run more you will get a
feeling for the speed you can maintain as well as speeds that will over-exert you. Read More

Week 3

A smart running warm-up enables your muscles, bones, and joints to loosen up. These warm-up movements gradually bring up your heart rate and makes it easier for your body to get into the rhythm that you want to sustain whilst out running. Follow the steps outlined in day 3 to ensure success! Read More


Week 4

Depending on your age, gender and body composition, water will make up 40-70% of body mass. It is recommended that adults should drink 1.5-2 litres of water per day but if exercising your body requires additional water to compensate the fluid lost. Read More


Week 5

This is it, your final week, or is it just the beginning? Lets hope so! By this point you should be feeling fitter, stronger and more confident, all of these will all help you complete your 5k. We know it’s easy to stop training when you have completed your first 5k…Read More


Join us on Strava

We are currently developing a Strava group. Once ready, you will be able to join the Wellington Health and Fitness Club group online and share your progress with other members! We hope to have this up and running very shortly.