Thanks to June Wilson for providing this recipe


At times like these our only defense is a robust immune system. This recipe is really simple and boosts your immune system. It has only four ingredients: Onion, garlic stock powder and broccoli.

Chop the onion, crush and then shop the garlic, fry the onion adding in the garlic once the onion has started to caramelise so as to not make the garlic bitter. Steam the broccoli until it is tender but still has its bright green colour. Put all ingredients into a blender with water and stock powder, I use the water I steamed the broccoli in to retain the nutrients. Blend until smooth, add salt and pepper as you need and serve.

Broccoli is high in vitamins A and C, numerous anti-oxidants and roughage.
Onions and garlic have many health properties they contain vitamins A, B6, C E and minerals such as potassium and folic acid.
A real immunity boosting delicious soup.